Congratulations to the winners of the 15th Wedisson Awards!
16th Awards Submission is now open (deadline is June 30)

15 Collection Winners

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About us

Wedisson is a directory of top talented wedding photographers from around the world. We choose the hard-working, exclusive and truly experienced professionals for their creativity and ability to tell a powerful story in a single image.

"Wedisson Award" is an international wedding photography contest that held every month, providing creative, outstanding, inspirational and artistic wedding photography. We are picky and less than 5% of submitted photographs are selected by our judges. Our jury are recognized experts in wedding photojournalism and provide high standards during the judging process. Every award is added to the photographers' portfolio and is used to determine their rankings. At the end of the year we will publish top 30 worldwide photographers based on the quantity of won awards.

Best Photographers

David Zaoui

3 awards

Ruslan Myts

8 awards

sarit chaiwangsa

5 awards

Versta Juliya

3 awards

Kelmi Bilbao

6 awards

Aladdin Qattouri

13 awards

Ralf Czogallik

9 awards

Vyacheslav Krasnov

3 awards

marco fantauzzo

10 awards

Ruud Claessen

10 awards

Derrick Yazzie

United States
3 awards

Kiko Calderon

5 awards