Dimitri Meyns




🇧🇪 Belgium

Minimum price

135$ for 4 hours of work

With us

2 years

Studio Name

Meyns fotografie

Hallo ik ben Dimitri, huwelijksfotograaf uit Lichtervelde (West-Vlaanderen) met een eigen stijl. Spontaan, romantisch en go-with-the-flow.

Winning photos

The marriage of Ria and Christian, it is such an older couple that makes you instantly happy. From the very first meeting I had the feeling that I was welcome by them. With a big smile on Christian's face he opened the door and this also became the trend during the photo shoot. A spontaneous couple that I think back to with great pleasure.

96th Collection

We only had half an hour for the photo shoot, the ceremony had lasted longer than expected so we ran out of time for the photo shoot. We were in Lissewege (Belgium), one of the most beautiful villages in Flanders, so we had to take advantage of this to do a quick photo shoot.

96th Collection

Arrive at the church in style. In any case, the eyes were focused on them and the necessary photos or videos were made. A successful day for Marijn and Sien.

93rd Collection

At the right time with the right setting. The wedding wall used for the ceremony was the perfect backdrop to create this magical photo.

93rd Collection

Playing with the light, I prefer to use natural light in the photo shoot than to place a flash with it. In this old brewery there were a lot of hidden places.

90th Collection

Sara and Jonas...their marriage was like a fairy tale. Everything went according to plan. A beautiful sunny day, a very nice location for the photo shoot, a very nice ceremony and a wonderful party to finish! With now two awards, their story is complete!

88th Collection