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Carolina Mosquera


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About Carolina

Hi, I'm Carolina Mosquera, Located in the beautiful romantic city of Bruges i fell in love with photography. So i decided to open a photography studio which is called Lux Visual Storytellers, that is serving all over the world... My photos are taken in a spontaneous way, i love to visualise the connection between the couple in a beautiful and honest way. We also love the little details that make the day, rings / flowers / table setting / snacks and drinks… And of course we should not forget the uncles who take a nap on the sofa, or the kids who make a celebration funny, love them!

N1 Wedding Photographer of 2021

Ray Sawyer

Newcastle upon Tyne

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About Ray

This Is how I approach each and every wedding. Constantly looking for these elements duing the day and where possible adding all three elements Into one photograph to produce something truly awesome! I love to let weddings unfold naturally, allowing you and your guests to be yourselves with zero awkwardness, zero shot lists and definitely no cheesy posing!

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01 Apr.2020

05 Apr.2021

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