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Daan Fortuin fotografie

My Name is Daan and I'm a wedding photographer. I love doing this! I enjoy working with people and especially on a wedding day, love, fun and all spontaneous and unexpected sometimes crazy moments. I am honored to be able to photograph that in my own creative and respectful way. My goal is always to go beyond expectations. And never stop learning !

Winning photos

This couple used to go to this theater weekly.. when we walked by it the idea of a picture in it became reality:) when wearing a wedding dress doors open ;)

90th Collection

Before I go home after shooting the wedding day I like to make a final shot.. i love shooting in the dark it’s just so different ❤️‍???

90th Collection

Group photos… they don’t have to be boring .. I like making some different photos next to the standard ones.. make a little fun :)

90th Collection