Liselot Kamphuis




🇳🇱 Netherlands

Minimum price/hours

175$ per hour | 6 hours minimum

With us

5 years

Studio Name

Liselot Kamphuis Fotografie

Love to capture your most beautiful memories in a picture
Real moments and pure emotions put together on film

Winning photos

Love to create some creative shots during your wedding day.

108th Collection

A veil and wind is always a beautiful combination.

108th Collection

A smoke torch is always a good idea

106th Collection

If the sun is shining I love to capture some shots in the golden hour, this light is magical!

104th Collection

Golden hour is the best

102nd Collection

During the group shots I tend to do crazy things, like getting them to take off their shoes en throw them in the air

102nd Collection

Prachtig avondlicht, deze pakken we altijd nog even mee!!

100th Collection

Love to use the sunlight in a creative way!

94th Collection

Dance like nobody's watching <3

94th Collection

It rained very hard this evening and then I saw the sun coming trough. I ran to the bride en said "we have to take a picture outside, NOW!" We quickly went to an open field and catched a beautiful golden 5 minutes in the rain.

91st Collection