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150$ for 6 hours of work

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6 years

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Marlies Dekker Fotografie

Passion is the keyword... i want to feel the emotion in the pictures of your day. Catching the moments. Getting almost under your skin without noticing i was there... (well ok maybe not on the relax and loose, funny moments we share when we are having fun during the photoshoot ;)

My professional way of working in combination with my personality will give you beside excellent pictures a relaxed and lovely experience on your weddingday.

Storytelling pictures of photo-journalism with editorial style portraiture in beautiful landscapes to create unique wedding memories.

Winning photos

Art at sea in 8 beaufort.
While the wind was blowing the clouds in an amazing landscape and the couple was almost blown away in the sea i made this photo on the most beautiful island of the Netherlands: Terschelling.

100th Collection

As a Land Rover Defender driver i got in contact with this couple years ago.
The couple has the same passion for old Land Rover series and defenders. So i was very happy that they got married in their old 'fellow'. The dunes, the sky, the car, it all came together in one pic, which i really really love.

100th Collection

oisters, oisters, oisters.... the bride loved them so much :)

93rd Collection

What a fun shoot with this lovely couple, the room was the perfect location for a shoot with a blink ;)

93rd Collection

The forest, the light, it all came together on this autumn wedding with this lovely couple :)

93rd Collection

In an awesome old castle we made this lovely picture from this couple. It was cold and windy but that was excellent circumstances for the bride's veill.

86th Collection

The bride just run from the dance floor inside outdoors to the terrace of the venue to throw the bouquet, i followed from the dance floor, rapidly set my flash to the very very very dark outdoor setting on the beach (while running) with practically no light outside, and caught the throwing from the bouquet, but even better this moment; after her besty caught the bouquet and they were celebrating. Priceless moments!!

83rd Collection

A wedding on Terschelling. My favorite Dutch island, where i am on regular basis. On the south part the island is protected with a dike where we went for this photo. The clouds make it an atmospheric and complete composition.
The couple has this photo in their livingroom now in big format above their lounge suite. So lovely! A bigger compliment you can not get as a photographer i guess.

82nd Collection

A beautiful hotel hall was our scenery today. And an amazing and lovely couple. Beautiful windows and lines made this lovely picture a stunning piece of art.

81st Collection

On the beautiful "island" Voorne Putten in the south of Holland.nearby Rotterdam. is the river "Haringvliet" situated.
water, rocks, plants and rest. Nature does the rest.

76th Collection

A winterwedding with the nicest temperatures possible :) The moment the sun shows itselve behind the trees and the sound of silence in the forest.

72nd Collection

In this place where architecture, colors and lines where all over the place i found the possibility to place the couple in line to create a beautiful silhouette with the existing backlight. The colors in the building do not distract the attention from the couple, as the couple is only shown as a dark outline. In a chaotic place with lots of distractions it still became a quiet photo, where your attention is guided to the couple naturally.

71st Collection

Sweet meetings at central station Rotterdam should be captured on that special wedding day.
Just add one flash and a lovely couple.

69th Collection

Such a very windy day at the beginning of September in Rotterdam. We started for a walking shoot and the bride and groom came down from the stairs. I did see the reflection and the wind in the veil and start shooting the hell out of it with this beautiful result.

68th Collection

A winter wedding with a beautiful sunset. A Dutch couple and a lovely castle on a day without wind.
I Love this landscape picture a lot!

66th Collection

This lovely couple married at the beach. We did a short shoot after their wedding ceremony. We climbed these blocks to make this beautiful picture with these awesome clouds. It was a steep climb for both so I loved the brave nature of the couple, otherwise, I could not make this lovely shot.

64th Collection

It was a very hot Dutch summer, which means when temperatures rise its most of the time quite hot and moisty. The Castle was warm as well and when the bride decided to open the window the wind came in to blow the veil away, the mirror did his own thing which made the scenery perfect for a shot like this.

55th Collection

"Come wander with my love". The couple wandering through the fields; the rain just stopped. Clouds above their heads. The wind stopped blowing and all we heard was the silence of fall.

52nd Collection

These three musketeers on the beach, hard light. The sun was really bride... we found a little wall of sand between the dunes and with the perfect blue sky it was like a fresh little fairytale :)

50th Collection