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Lisanne Sterk Fotografie

A passionate photographer who finds it important to capture your wedding, family, yourself or company in the most spontaneous and relaxed way possible. I've been photographing for 7 years now and love to capture all those wonderful memories

Winning photos

This place was so magical, I'm very lucky Laura and Max chose me to capture their wedding!

109th Collection

The groom restored this mustang together with his father, such a wonderful detail of this wedding!

109th Collection

The sunlight coming through a big window in this church made the photoshoot extra special. Thankful we were allowed to make pictures inside!

108th Collection

Always love to capture these intimate and emotional moments between the bride and groom

108th Collection

We froze time for a second here... A genuine moment between the bride and groom when people walked by.

107th Collection

True love's kiss! We had such a wonderful time during this photo shoot, the people and location were just amazing.

107th Collection

This photo is full of love and friendship, a warm group hug with the bride and her best friends. Very happy that I could capture this moment!

106th Collection

This lovely couple chose an amazing location for their wedding shoot. I absolutely love this rain forest vibe and them standing on a bridge with incoming natural light, gave a mysterious yet romantic feel.

104th Collection

A toast to the bride and groom, surrounded by their best men and bridesmaids. You could feel the love and friendship that day which I tried to capture in this photo. I love how they look at each other!

102nd Collection