Pascalle Sloep




🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Ibiza (Spain)

Minimum price/hours

125$ per hour | 6 hours minimum



10 awards left until the Senior Member

128th place in Netherlands

334th place in Spain

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1 month

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Do you know the dog breeds known as High Energy Dogs? Well That's Me, not a dog of course but the title High Energy Human would suit me just fine.
Although I radiate peace, my brain is always on. I think in images and solutions and am always ready to help my fellow man.

Photography has always been a common thread through my life. From photographic memory, standing in front of the camera as a child, always working with a camera, to photographic training. It allowed me to realize one of my dreams in 2018 by opening the doors of my company Shoot label.

Since last year I have been working with my colleague in the wedding industry and with Shoot-label Weddings I mainly focus on elopment.

I feel honored to be able to get so close to my clients on the most beautiful day of their lives. It also often happens that a beautiful friendship grows out of it. By entering into this connection, I can empathize with the wishes of the bridal couple and capture their real moments together in images.

My mission is to create images that become even more valuable as time passes. 🙏🏻