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14 awards left until the Master of Photography

5th place in Netherlands

34th place in France

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3 years

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Marieke Zelisse Photography

I am Marieke, 28 years old and I live in Delft with the best fiancé in the world.

I love to create beautiful images together with you. I love to shoot award winning photos on your wedding and capture your beautiful love. The whole adventure of you and your fiancé's love is a part of the wedding photography.

I studied photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. During my studies, I already started my company and after my studies, I went all out for this. I was able to work 3 days a week at the night clubs as a photographer. I learned to shift and change my camera and compositions quickly.

Winning photos

A good golden hour is always ready for a stunner!

100th Collection

In this picture you literally feel the love between the gorgous bride & groom.

100th Collection

Nearby the location an hot air ballon was set up. I sprinted to the owner and asked if my couple could get some pictures with it. But we actually could get in the balloon and shoot there!

99th Collection

GOLDEN HOUR - Gotta love it. Sneaking away from you party to have some together time and of course I was the third wheel for taking some golden hour pics.

98th Collection

They wore a part of the wedding Chinese traditional clothes as a surprise for her mom. She flew over from China to The Netherlands.

98th Collection

I love to shoot the love between a couple. Your wedding day is about the love you have for each other, but a little bit of sexiness is always really nice on your pictures!

97th Collection

Golden hour, and the bride love to ride a motorbike. Definitly succeed!

96th Collection

This was a love shoot in Cape Town South Africa. I knew Janneke from the Netherlands and we met at the other side of the world!

96th Collection

This shot is taken nearby Cape Town South Africa. We hoped for a beautiful sunrise, but there was a mysterieus mist while shooting.

96th Collection

A small city elopement in the south of the Netherlands, Maastricht. I loved the joy of this beautiful couple.

95th Collection

I love fun in the pictures but also the shoot on the wedding day must to be fun!

94th Collection

This was a special Christmas wedding, and ofcourse I will always help to get the wedding theme also in the pictures! So with sundown and an extra little bit of spark, TADA!

93rd Collection

O cold, wet, windy day. At the day time with the shoot we had horrible weather, we needed to hide under a tree. But with the sundown we had a beautiful mist an the golden glow!

92nd Collection

O good classy castle wedding, it's one of my favourite things! The wind blew the veil really nice for this shot, and this was there entrance for the guest to arrive at the castle!

92nd Collection

I love a good golden hour! I always say, if you are lucky on your wedding day and you have a good sundown definitely we have to sneak out for some good pictures!

92nd Collection

The bride wanted to do a bouquet toss, and a funny fact, the boys also did a bouquet toss ;) We found this beautiful and perfect spot at the location for this moment.

91st Collection

In Turkey, beautiful Cappadocia was this stunning couple posing for me. The weather was not really great but their love was perfect!

91st Collection

The groom and bride where just leaving together, and of course I followed them. I took some pictures, and the groom said "what, are you taking sneaky pictures of us?". I was laughing very hard and told him, I did that already all day and that he hired me for that! After that we took a few more photo's and practiced there dance.

90th Collection

With sundown we took a few more pictures! I really liked the sun with the dust, so together with the videographer we created with the drone (!) some dust to get it extra magical!

89th Collection