Simon Meindertsma




­čç│­čç▒ Netherlands

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4 years

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A wedding on February 14th, the day of Valentine. This sunny but yet cold and later on cloudy day resulted in making pictures in before the ceremony, however, this one was just after the ceremony.

60th Collection

Even when the weather is getting terrible, with rain and lots of wind.. This couple doesn't feel nothing but warmth from each others love!

59th Collection

At one of the best wedding venues at a bit drooling weather, waiting for her mom to get ready for her dress, she just loves the feel of this very beautiful dress.

58th Collection

Right after the wedding party, the manager put this lovely couple in the small boat and let them row halfway around the castle. People up in the castle are waving the couple goodbyes..

57th Collection

In a beautiful cornfield maze, around early evening right after dinner, I captured this couple, I really love the depth in this photo.

54th Collection

It was pouring rain while all the guest were still in the bus waiting for the couple to get inside, I was standing in the rain getting completely soaked.

52nd Collection