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By Liek Photography

Hi there, i am Angelique (but everyone calls me Liek) and I have a passion for photographing weddings. It is a great honor for me to be present on your wedding day.
The love, emotions and connection between a couple and their family and dearest friends is what i capture during the day.
It is important to continue to challenge and develop myself in order to deliver the most beautiful photos.

Winning photos

When your colleagues are your best friends!

108th Collection

Love to shoot at weddings where the bridal couple do their own thing...
Let it all happen, in the heat of the "cake" moment!

107th Collection

Girls just wanna have fun!

107th Collection

It started with a kiss!

105th Collection

Did this shoot this evening. The weather wasn't great and it was even raining...

I saw a point of light in the distance, and we drove a bit further towards the light. So glad we did! My bridal couple were so happy that we could end this evening in such a special way...

104th Collection

Truly a beautiful bridal couple. They were open to everything and I love veil photos so much. It was a really beautiful evening during golden hour.

This wedding venue is really breathtaking!

103rd Collection