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Your wedding day is so much more than just a regular day in your life. It's a dream come true. I will do anything in my power to make it a fun and a memorable experience.

I am sociable but not too visible, my eyes and ears are wide open to see all the small and big moments at the right place and times.

I am there to capture the tears, the laughter, the dancing kids, that special moment with your grandparents or just any silly moment that you would rather not remember ;) you can trust me to see it and make sure it's captured at the right place and the right time with lots of love and passion.

Winning photos

After getting married in the city hall in Landsmeer Alperen and Fagria took me to their special place called het Twiske, this is an extraordinary nature reserve in The Netherlands. We walked for about 30 minutes to get to the spot with this windmill and it was absolutely worth it. It gave me a sereen feeling, the beautiful couple, water clashing, the wind blowing and the stunning views of nature.

92nd Collection

Merel and Thomas got married somewhere in the Hei in Leusden, the Netherlands s. The guests were brought with an old train to the place of the ceremonie. For me it was a bit harder to locate the exact place but it was so beautiful. They were surrounded by purple heather and it was completely located in the nature. After their I do moment they left in style, not only with bubbles but also with a Riksja bycicle.

91st Collection

This moment was captured right before the first look at the Bed and Breakfast Mon Chouette in Leusden, the Netherlands.
I positioned the groom at an open area and went to see where the bride was at. At that moment she walked outside the door and I called her name and caught her attention.

90th Collection

This was such a fun day. We started the day at the Hof in Bergen, the Netherlands. A great idea that this couple had was giving each other a gift behind a door, without seeing each other before doing the first look. After the first look we went to Bergen aan Zee, the Netherlands where we strolled on the beach. The weather was just perfect. Not cold and cloudy. Sharon and Jeffrey were amazing to work with.

88th Collection

This couple was just so relaxed and fun to work with. We started the morning at the hotel 15 min drive from this beautiful place called landhuis Brakkesteyn in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Before the ceremonie we walked through the forest looking for some beautiful spots but we didn’t need to look far, there it was right in front of us.

87th Collection