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van den Akker


🇳🇱 Netherlands

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150$ per hour | 2 hours minimum




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57th place in Netherlands

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6 months

I am Krista van den Akker a people photographer. Genuine emotions, special moments, and capturing you as you are, experiencing the day... that's what I love to capture in a wedding reportage, and you can see it reflected in the photos. I appreciate authentic colors and beautiful details, whether it's a hearty laugh or a heartfelt tear. I aim to capture all these beautiful moments as unobtrusively as possible (cameras can be completely silent). No hours of posing, just you as you truly are.

Good to know is that I love capturing beautiful photos using natural light, but I'm also a trained and experienced flash photographer. This means I'm adept at handling dark situations like a church, party, or evening meal lit by candles. Whether you're looking for a brief bridal shoot of a few hours or want the entire day documented, I'm here to capture it all.

Winning photos

These beautiful women were having so much fun at their wedding, they were radiant ❤️

110th Collection

After a fantastic ceremony, I photographed these dancing brides on the table just before it started pouring rain...

110th Collection

This lovely couple got married in winter at the beautiful Hotel V in Amsterdam, and I took this photo when they sneaked away for a moment together.

109th Collection

This beautiful bride at Huize Frankendael in Amsterdam just before she was about to meet her husband...

108th Collection

The start of a fantastic day at Buitenplaats Amerongen. With this beautiful bride and her husband and children.

108th Collection

This incredibly lovely and handsome couple celebrated their love in the city center of Utrecht at Stadskasteel Oudaen. What a joy to have the opportunity to photograph that!

108th Collection

During a wedding shoot it's all about the connection between the bride and groom. It's a special moment for them and enjoy being the fly on the wall capturing it.

106th Collection

I photographed this beautiful bride in an old factory... I love the simplicity.

106th Collection

A beautiful couple, with a lovely sunset along the IJssel wasn't difficult to capture.

106th Collection