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En Lieke


🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Tarragona (Spain)

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375$ per hour | 8 hours minimum


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19 awards left until the Grand Member

35th place in Netherlands

138th place in Spain

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6 months

Studio Name

de Bruidsgasten.

Hey there! We are 'the Weddingguests', the perfect addition to your special day.

We bring a touch of elegance, capturing every precious moment with our state-of-the-art equipment and creating beautiful albums that will be treasured for a lifetime.

We are a Dutch couple, working all over the world, living in Spain.

Say 'I do' to having us by your side on your big day.

Winning photos

As we were making our way back to our guests after our shooting moment, we couldn't resist capturing this delightful moment between the bride and groom!

104th Collection

This groom was determined to go to great lengths to ensure his bride stayed dry! We strolled through a beautiful flower field to take some photos on and around the waters of Aalsmeer in the Netherlands.

103rd Collection

We were able to squeeze in a last-minute photo shoot for this deeply in love couple on the heath during sunset. It had been a hectic day, but their precious moment together allowed us to capture love and beauty in a truly enchanting way.

103rd Collection

When we went to take some more photos with this cheerful bride and groom on the jetty, we captured this joyful shot, showcasing the bride's dress beautifully!

102nd Collection

This loving couple had been deeply in love throughout the entire day and captured our hearts! As we went to take some more photos near the venue, the sun cast a beautiful glow in the lens, allowing us to capture this lovely moment perfectly.

102nd Collection

This delightful couple was absolutely radiating with joy as they celebrated their momentous wedding day in the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands.

101st Collection

This beautiful couple tied the knot in Rotterdam. The first location didn't quite did it for us.. But as soon as we arrived at this location, we knew: This is it! Cool and authentic, exactly what we were aiming for!

100th Collection

After an amazing wedding ceremony in France, we found ourselves with a few precious minutes to capture the essence of this beautiful couple. By a stroke of luck, we stumbled upon a stunning field bathed in the most glorious sunset hues.

The vibrant colors of the sky painted a breathtaking backdrop as the couple walked hand in hand, radiating pure happiness.

99th Collection

After the sunset, we decided to take the drone up into the sky. Just as we thought the day couldn't get any more magical, a beam of sunlight peeked through the trees, illuminating the stunning dress worn by the radiant bride.

99th Collection

This proud groom was assisted by his brother at the magnificent Landgoed Huis de Voorst. Through the large windows, we could capture the groom's genuine smile perfectly, and the colors of the walls and the groom's tie beautifully complemented each other!

98th Collection

We had the privilege of capturing this beautiful bridal couple in Oesterdam. On a pier, there was a gentle breeze and the light reflected beautifully through the bride's veil, creating a magnificent palette of colors and composition.

98th Collection