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Lovely bride spinning around in the amazing garden of Oranjerie Groot Warnsborn.

96th Collection

What a great start of the day. In a relaxed atmosphere the bride and her family got ready for their big day.

94th Collection

Wow, what a beautiful wedding was this. The venue was great but the bridal couple was really great! This was such a nice moment where you feel the love between mother and child.

88th Collection

Wauw, how cool was this weather! It was a nice day with a lot of wind. The beautiful newly weds fight against the wind. With such a great and grand dress perfect for my pictures!

87th Collection

This was the best bride ever! We had so much fun on their wedding. It was a great venue, great weather and great people. She went for this without hasitating.

86th Collection

What a great wedding. Great weather, great people, great venue. After the kids did their speech this loving moment came! I melted and was glad to capture this moment.

83rd Collection

Wow, how funny was this family. The youngest ones pushed themselves against the window. It did't take long for the rest to follow. It was a great day with lots of laughter!

71st Collection

It was a cold afternoon, but these two lovely people kept each other warm. This photo was taken in the city of Nijmegen on a rainy day.

63rd Collection