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Ambitious, driven, honest, creative, and detail-oriented, that's me!

My name is Judith, born and raised in the Netherlands and started photography in 2014. Initially as a hobby alongside my full-time job, and since 2020, I have been a full-time photographer.

When I photograph weddings, my goal is to capture every moment, even the smallest details. I pay close attention to the special touches that make your wedding day unique, from the bride's gown to the floral decorations. These details add depth and significance to your wedding story, preserving memories for years to come.

Creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is also very important to me. I want you and your guests to feel at ease, so you can all be yourselves in front of the camera and you can enjoy the celebration without feeling overwhelmed. This approach allows me to capture authentic and natural moments, resulting in beautiful pictures. Photographs that not only showcase the visual beauty of your wedding but also reflect the love and happiness shared on that special day.

I would be honored to capture your big day and to have the opportunity to tell your unique story through my photos!

Winning photos

This sweet couple got married at Villa Augustus in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. The bridal couple radiated happiness and it was so nice to capture their beautiful day!

107th Collection

This couple opted for an elopement in beautiful Cappadocia, Turkey. We took this photo during sunrise.

106th Collection

After the newlyweds savored a quiet moment together, following the exchange of their vows, I captured this romantic shot.

105th Collection

During the pre-wedding shoot of this soon to be wedding couple, we used a drone to capture the beautiful heathland.

103rd Collection

The sky was so incredibly beautiful this wedding day at the end of September! We simply had no choice but to take a silhouette photo of this beautiful bridal couple.

103rd Collection

When this beautiful couple got married, the heath looked amazing! I wanted to show the beautiful colors of the blue sky, the green trees and the purple heath and I used my drone to make this shot.

102nd Collection

Beautiful moment during sunset on their wedding day

101st Collection

Bride getting ready with some help of her mom

101st Collection

This beautiful couple got married on a nice autumn day. I love the warm colors in this picture and the joy and love of this couple!

98th Collection

We almost couldn't have made this fairytale photo. The weather was beautiful all day, but an hour before sunset the sun gave way to a lot of clouds. When the sun briefly reappeared however, we quickly walked into the orchard and were able to take this special picture

91st Collection

A beautiful sunny day in the Netherlands, and in the forest where the photo shoot would take place it was full of people. Fortunately, we found this spot where the light sparkled through the trees beautifully and this sweet couple could still enjoy a quiet moment together!

89th Collection