Pim Plaggenborg




🇳🇱 Netherlands

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150$ per hour | 6 hours minimum



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Pim lives in Nunspeet, in the middle of the Netherlands. He works as a personal trainer and loves bootcamp, crossfit and mountainbiking.

Pim moved into the wedding photography business in 2021 as the second shooter for his wife, Miriam. He liked that so much that he followed a workshop for off-camera flash. Since then, he has been creating a signature style in this area. He loves playing with light. Pim takes on weddings by himself or with his wife as a photographers' team.

Winning photos

The wedding party had fallen a bit silent. So I wanted to bring some life into it. I asked two bored teenagers to assist me in creating a festive image. One moved the veil and the other held the softbox for lighting. Result? Interested teenagers, happy photographer and a very happy couple.

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