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KayPhoto4u Personal Art Wedding Photography is based in The Netherlands. Established in the mid-'00s by Karin Heinen it has ever since developed a well-appreciated name in the wedding biz. A team of 5 professionals with a drive to create an alternative view on traditional standards. Their motto 'Personal Art Wedding' stands for a rare & unique approach that frees this team of being held back to one particular photographic style.

With every new assignment a personalized approach to the marrying couple is developed, taking their wishes and making them come true in handmade photographic digital filters that do not only fit the 'story of the day', but even the very chapters of the wedding day.

Every story gets a tangible result such as an album, high-quality prints, a unique photo box and/or outstanding wall decorations.

Winning photos

This lovely couple had their first look at this bridge above the waterfall. When walking towards it with the groom, I just knew I had to create this picture for them. As they both really love natural water and it has a special meaning to them. Thank you for recognizing it and awarding us for it.

100th Collection

O&V celebrated their wedding at one of the most unique and exclusive wedding venues in the Netherlands. The grand hallway provides a classic stairway and looking up from the ground level the majestic painting of the ceiling is overwhelming. This upward view alongside the veil and the intense moment of the wedding couple resulted in this shot.

98th Collection

A wedding on a partly cloudy day. The anticipated local spot (where we aimed to photograph the wedding photo's of this fun and super friendly couple) turned into a wasteland two days before the wedding. Nevertheless B&H kept up the good mood and this picture is perfect proof of it. Thanks to Wedisson for their recognition!

98th Collection

We truly love making the big pictures of a wedding couple in a great scenery. Nevertheless greatness sometimes hides in a split second, at an 'ordinary' moment during the wedding day, such as the family & friends portraits. Richie and Iris are fantastic posers and the bridesmaids loved to play along in this fun moment. Thanks to Wedisson for the recognition and this appreciated award!

94th Collection

This great couples loves nature almost as much as they love each other. The photoshoot at Fort Vechten was filled with fun, laughter and doing things out of the ordinary.

When we came across a few huge tree stumps, we knew right away we had to use those for a setting. So together we created something that really represents them as a couple: playful, loving, and a very tall groom.

Thank you for this 25th Weddison win. Much appreciated!

92nd Collection

Klundert is a small medieval fortified city in the Southwest of The Netherlands. A great setting for a small personal toast of Jenny and Richard, who got married in the tail of May 2022. Since their wedding day had been postponed due to the pandemic, the relief and joy were huge when their big day finally arrived. We think this shot is a fine reflection of all these 'bottled up' emotions. A big thanks to Wedisson for this recognition.

91st Collection

We gathered all the fun & joy of this lovely couple in this great group portrait. It's a first actually. We all know this pose with either just the groom or just the bride. Carried by all your friends. This sure means something, some kind of social safety net. Thanks Wedisson. Happy to be part of the family!

88th Collection

In the great gardens of Castle Rosendael (Area of Arnhem, NL) you find multiple scenic spots to shoot your shots. This old wall is kind of a hidden gem one easily walks by. Thanks to our teammember Priscilla we did not walk on without taking some shots of 'Master of Ease' Orlando and his beautiful bride Ilona, early june 2022. We think the depth in the picture worked out great and the detail of the crescent top of the entry has a nice charm to it. Thanks Wedisson! We are proud to be part of the Wedisson family.

87th Collection

Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche, located near Baarn (NL), is a lovely venue with a lot of great settings for remarkable wedding shots. Some obvious (like the water fountain in the front yard), but also some more hidden. This lovely couple K&D took advantage of having plenty of time for the wedding shoots. So after having checked the most obvious must-have spots of Hooge Vuursche, we took took this funny shot at the back entrance. Thanks Wedisson! Much obliged.

86th Collection

A boy's dream of the groom ... picking up the bride with a Volkswagen T1 on his Wedding Day. Beside some nice pics outside the T1, we wanted to make something more creative. We love the wonderful look these beloved ones gave each other on that particular moment.

85th Collection

We met Nick and Samantha on a Wedding Fair back in 2020. This friendly couple immediately fell for one of the pictures we presented on the fair; A picture we were rewarded for by Wedisson back in 2018 (49 Collection). A shot which was taken from above, with a couple standing at groundlevel of a beautiful turnstair. "I really love that picture", Samantha said. "I would love to have a picture like that from me and Nick!"

So here we are, two years later, with a Wedisson rewarded shot of Nick and Sam, taken during their wedding in October 2021. A different setting, another kind of stairs, a different kind of art, but nevertheless with a comparable intensity. We are very pleased with this 19th Wedisson and even more...we are very pleased to have made Samanha's dream come true!

84th Collection

At a cool industrial spot at the former NDSM Werf (Amsterdam) Jeffrey & Danique insisted on a nice shot surrounded by colorful graffiti. Since they are big fans of our work they also said "We demand a Wedisson Award with one of our wedding photo's"...

So, here we are ;)

78th Collection

A great couple on a great day demands a great setting for their wedding pictures. Actually this specific setting was not part of the plan at all, but like we all know...Great surprises can have great advantages!

We discovered this lovely curved stairway at the town hall of a small village somewhere in the South of The Netherlands. Here this couple spoke their vows and said their 'legal' Yes I do's! After the ceremony they posed for like 1 minute at this great spot and then moved on for the rest of the program. So glad we took this opportunity.

We are very pleased with this 17th Wedisson. Thanks to you all!

77th Collection

Sometimes things are just the way they are. Our photographer Priscilla took this rustic, in between moment of Ruben and Marjolein at one of 3 venues during the Wedding Day photo shoot. This particular setting was a Skate Park, although this is hardly visible in this epic shot.

These pretty lovebirds were totally at ease in the frame. We always greatly enjoy it if our subjects don't have to put any effort in posing. The result is usually a terrific example of spontaneity.

74th Collection

To remind themselves to enjoy every minute together, even if it is in silence, this lovely wedding couple paused and sat down at the serene riverside after their photoshoot. It was a beautifully bright and hot day, so the light works its magic and draws the attention of the couple amid this cinematic scene.

73rd Collection

Amidst the emotional Roller Coaster the pandemic meant for couples planning their Wedding in 2020 in The Netherlands, this friendly couple K & E choose to hold their breath and rely on providence. With their wedding planned for September the governmental measures were a serious thing to consider, but there was no lockdown, so it did not mean a sturdy NO to their wedding at all. In september a wedding could take place in a smaller shape and therefor maybe more to its pure essential.

So K & E decided to stick to their plans. They invited the allowed maximum of 30 guests and they just eased up on the limitations. It turned out to become a great day to remember. With a lot of fun, super friendly guests, beautiful wedding vows spoken, a handsome groom and a sweet beautiful bride. Maybe things were downsized, the love of K & E would overcome!

This shot, bringing us our 14th Wedisson, is to us an illustration of that pure essence we tend to capture as a wedding photographer. There's nothing so honest and pure as kiss of two people relying on each other, promising each other eternal devotion.

72nd Collection

An old red Ford Mustang in mint condition, a nice quiet road sided by rows of trees and two newly weds deeply in love. That's about all it took to get to this shot. It also meant throwing off the fear of falling out of the back of the classic. Standing on the backseat to take the shot, we asked the groom to speed up, 'cause a picture like this is meaningless if one takes it with the car not driving.

Out of a series of about 5 shots taken (at a speed of 80 km/hr), this one turned out perfectly: It's got the speed, but meanwhile the couple is very much at ease, since the view in the rear view mirror shows the bride having her eyes closed and hanging cosy in the arm of her husband.

Thanks Wedisson. Much obliged!

71st Collection

Covid-19...who hasn't heard of it? Although we had the honor of shooting about 40 weddings in 2020, this lovely couple was the first to gladly pose for a rough wedding shot with masks on. The pile of coal in the front adds a perfect contrast to the deep blue sky. Thanks so much to all at Wedisson for this 12th award. We are honored!

68th Collection

It's amazing how you can play with the sun and your camera. In June 2020 we went with a couple to a beautiful place in the Netherlands. On a field with some trees we tried out smoking bombs as the light beams between the trees were so nice. While the wedding couple was rehearsing their wedding dance, we shot this image of them, with a purple haze on the back. We're so font of matching different things together. In this case: nature/love with art colors/smoke.

64th Collection

At Chateau Balmoral near the city of Spa (Belgium) this lovely and gorgeous looking couple Peter and Claudia spent a mesmerizing wedding weekend. Although we did most of the photoshoot in de valley below, we figured the pool of the castle offered a great setting for a fun shot as well.

Peter and Claudia turned out to be great daredevils...the side of the pool only offered about 30 centimeters to stand on and on the backside, it's a deep gap down (as you can see the top of the trees)! No problem, Peter even pushed his luck balancing on one leg. Great posers!

We're extremely honored with this 10th Wedisson. Many thanks to all!

62nd Collection