Laura De Kwant


De Kwant


🇳🇱 Netherlands

Also serving:

Oranjestad (Aruba)

Minimum price/hours

250$ per hour


Senior Member

11 awards left until the Grand Member

21st place in Netherlands

104th place in Aruba

With us

5 years

Studio Name

Laura de Kwant Photography

Photographer based in Holland and on Aruba & in love with destination weddings!

Winning photos

After the photoshoot, it was time for a cold beer on the beach of Aruba!
This lovely couple is real beach people so this was a perfect spot to take pictures.

46th Collection

Pieter & Theresa live in Aruba and got married there this summer! Two days after the wedding we planned a trash the dress shoot and we end the shoot with Pieter his daughters, the dogs and the bride & groom in their own pool!!!

41st Collection

Mark & Meike live in Holland now, but met eachother on Aruba on a kite surf event. So when
Mark asked Meike to marry him they wanted to get married on Aruba! And we took some pictures with Mark his kite on the spot
where they saw eachother for the first time.

39th Collection

Meet this cute couple! They have their own farm and their wish was to make pictures on the farm on their wedding day between the cows. How awesome is this?! This photoshoot was really special to me!

34th Collection

This beautiful Dutch couple have their own farm and during the photoshoot they also needed
to feed the cows. I saw this happening and knew this would be an awesome shot!
We even took some pictures between more than 40 cows of their own, is was a special
photoshoot with all their animals around them.

33rd Collection

I met this couple on Aruba during a loveshoot and after that shoot they asked me to shoot their wedding in Holland. What a perfect wedding! The sun was shining, they look stunning, everybody was having fun and the venues were perfect! But the most special moment of that day to me was the first moment the marine will see his wife to be for the very first time!

32nd Collection