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Moeder van 2 mooie kinderen, dochter Lima (12) en zoon Lion (9), getrouwd met Marcel, consulent werk en bruidsfotograaf, sociaal, lief, perfectionist, creatief.

Ik word blij van mijn kids, mijn man, vastleggen van bijzondere momenten met emotie en liefde, de twinkeling in iemands ogen. Ik ben dol op chocolade, ik kan geraakt worden door muziek en ik hou van humor.

Fotograferen is mijn passie. Mooie foto's maken van mensen (groot en klein). Zowel persoonlijk, als ook voor anderen. Een plaatje met een emotie vastleggen. Mooie momenten vangen en een verhaal vertellen. Liefde vastleggen. Momenten op pauze zetten om er nog lang van na te genieten.

Winning photos

At this beautiful wedding, after the ceremony I saw a beautiful spot with lovely light. We just went there for a few minutes and were able to take this beautiful picture, so happy with it!

92nd Collection

During this fine wedding in May it was very windy. It was a challenge to photograph the bridal couple between the leaves, but a very nice challenge, with this photo as a result.

76th Collection

A lovely reportage in the Netherlands! During the wedding reportage, the bridal couple went sailing in a boat. The weather was fine and I was allowed to make a few laps around the boat in a lifeboat! A great day with beautiful pictures!

66th Collection

These bridal children also wanted to take nice pictures of the wedding day and the fantastic wedding cake. And so they did! A wonderful moment to secretly capture.

58th Collection

During a super reportage, we took this photo at a very beautiful location, the Fundatie in Zwolle, the Netherlands. I lay on the steps of the building myself and let the bridal couple kiss each other. This as a result!

53rd Collection

On this stunning wedding-location, Onder Ons Dalfsen, hangs a beautiful chandelier. I lay down on the stairs and asked the lovely couple to give each other a kiss. That's when I shot this picture! Very happy with it!

49th Collection

A stormy day in June on the lovely island Terschelling (Netherlands). With a wind force 10 it was a challenge to take pictures on the deserted beach. But we took the chance and made this lovely picture.
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48th Collection