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Number One Wedding Photographer in 2024


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Number One Wedding Photographer in 2024


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Kim Lijnders Fotografie

My name is Kim Lijnders and I love to make memories for life!
My style is warm, spontanious and just in the moment.

Winning photos

A very emotional moment. The little bridesmaid read a vow to her mom and dad. The little girl cried and sought comfort from her mother.

108th Collection

It is an old tradition that when a fireman gets married, the newlyweds have to run under the sprinkler immediately after the ceremony.

106th Collection

A lovely walk, mixed with some small talks and a lot of fun, ends up in this beautiful picture! ❤️

105th Collection

Love is in the air! Uhh, I mean car!

104th Collection

What a beautiful place! Getting the car on that spot, was a quite a thing.
Anyway, you have to put in some effort to get the perfect photo!

103rd Collection

The groom opens the door for his children. But actually, they wont come out of the car. It’s too much fun in here!

102nd Collection

The groom walks into his bride. He made her smile all the time, with the most funniest moves !

101st Collection

Come on, push a little harder! We will be late for the ceremony!!

99th Collection

You can take off your shoes… real slow..
You can throw them to the photographer… real fast…
But you can leave your hat on, you can leave your hat on!

98th Collection

Getting ready…
One of my favourite moments on a wedding day! I doubt if it’s also the favourite moment of this little bridesmaid…

98th Collection

The bride and her groom walks out, surrounded by family and friends. The little bridesmaid walks up to her parents. They are so proud of her little girl!

97th Collection

Bride and her little bridesmaid, dancing in the room, after getting dressed and watch themselves in the mirror how beautiful they are.
How lovely are they together?

96th Collection

this little girl waited and waited. She walked around the table several times.
And then the moment was finally there! The cake was cut!
'ooooh please, can I get a small piece too?

95th Collection