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Ruth Fotografie

Capturing love in pure emotions is the most beautiful thing to do,
by catching moments of today that will touch your hearts tomorrow.

Winning photos

Dressed in wedding attire, this couple raced down the mountain on their snowboards, with the bride closely following the groom. The snow, the sun and this unforgettable ride mark the beginning of their adventurous life together.

109th Collection

At the waterfront, where beauty, serenity, love, and happiness of this beautiful couple come together. His warm words caress her ear, filled with promises of love and dedication. The bride can't help but smile, her face radiant with pure joy and affection. In this intimate moment, where they are alone, the essence of true love is captured.

108th Collection

At the pinnacle of love and altitude, the bride and groom embrace each other on their snowboards a the top of this majestic mountain in Austria, overlooking the vast expanse of the Alps. Battling the gusty winds, the snow dances around them, lifting the bride's veil skyward. In this breathtaking moment, amidst the swirling snow, the couple holds tight, savoring not only the thrill of the mountain descent but also the panoramic beauty that love and adventure bring.

106th Collection

Capturing the thrill of the moment: the groom, propelled skyward by the exuberance of his ten friends, extends his limbs and lifts his head. A blend of pure joy and the anticipation of the aerial adventure etched across his face.
The photo symbolizes the groom's leap into the exciting path of marriage.

105th Collection

In the magical morning light of a stunning heathland, the newlyweds embrace each other tenderly, gazing deeply into each other's eyes. The first rays of the rising sun paint the sky above them in brilliant shades of gold, and the entire world seems to glisten with pure love.

The looks they share are filled with promises of a life full of adventures, challenges, and happiness. The raindrops serve as only a subtle reminder that life can be unpredictable at times, but with each other by their side, they are ready to weather any storm.

103rd Collection

This bridal couple had decided not to say their vows during the ceremony where an intimate company of family and friends was present, but to keep their words for each other for after the ceremony. This was the start of a series of photos that the bridal couple allowed me to take. The touches, looks and love between the bridal couple were so soft and at the same time very intense. This loving kiss is the ultimate image of the feeling that the bridal couple experienced during the shoot together.

93rd Collection

Children at a wedding always create a relaxed atmosphere. When the children at the wedding are having a good time, then automatically the bridal couple and the guests are too. In this photograph mother and daughter dance joyfully to the wonderful music played by the DJ. They are completely in their element and then of course I am as well. There is nothing more beautiful to capture these little moments of love and joy that will be a treasure to the hearts for a lifetime.

92nd Collection

A veil often does not stay in place very well. Re-inserting is sometimes very painful only when the sharp points of the comb are pierced in your head by your mother-in-law.

85th Collection

A photo booth at your wedding is always a guaranteed success, especially if some have already been drinking. The reserve disappears and with it the shyness in front of the camera. In this case, the bride, her sister and followers go wild in front of the photo booth and from a distance the groom observes the pleasant scene.

83rd Collection

At a photoshoot prior to the ceremony, the aim of a bridal couple is often to keep the wedding dress beautiful and white.
During walking the dress is mostly lifted high enough to prevent it for getting dirty especially on a forest path where this couple is walking.
This independent bride handles it herself. She only lift the front while but the back is still dragging on the ground. The groom is observing what is happing and wants to help which leads to this humorous moment.

78th Collection

In the beautiful surrounding of the castle Wijenburg this weddingcouple was cutting the weddingcake but could not wait to taste it when it was on their plate.

76th Collection

These little bridesmaids loved exploring, playing and dancing in the garden during the reception. Aren't they look lovely together?

72nd Collection

When you look deep into the eyes of the person you love and you are close to each other, you don't feel the cold and rain. You only feel the love that will be there for the rest of your life.

68th Collection

Lifting the bride does not always go smoothly and certainly not when the groom is watching from a distance how his friends handling this situation.

66th Collection

All the guests are watching from a distance, but one of the children is brave enough to come close to the newlywed couple and takes a sneak peek behind the bride during cutting the cake. Will he be the first to eat a little piece?

60th Collection

A photobooth makes you do funny things and make funny faces. This newlywed couple enjoyed it so much, they almost couldn't get enough of it!

58th Collection