Suzan Van De Wiel-ruis


Van De Wiel-ruis


🇳🇱 Netherlands

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200$ per hour



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43rd place in Netherlands

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2 years

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Bruidsfotograaf Den Bosch

Winning photos

It’s always a good idea to practice your first dance during pictures.

104th Collection

Rain on you wedding day can be absolutely magical!

103rd Collection

I love it when the wind catches the veil.

102nd Collection

Sunlight in the woods really makes my day.

102nd Collection

Showing off the veil and the car :)

101st Collection

My favorite moment at any wedding!

98th Collection

We just love beautiful bright colors in our wedding portraits. This beautiful sky and the gorgeous couple really pop, we used a little flash to keep the vibrant blue of the sky.

92nd Collection

This was a beautiful destination wedding with an amazing couple at an incredible location in France. We saw this beautiful sunset and just had to take them away from their dinner to create some unforgettable photos!

91st Collection

At the wedding of Dion & Dionne we wanted to showcase that our couple had the same initials. We used a blue gel to incorporate the theme color, making it just perfect for their last shot.

84th Collection