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Ten Bruggencate


🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Castricum (Netherlands)

Minimum price/hours

250$ per hour

With us

5 years

Studio Name

The Best of Me Fotografie

Hi, I'm Yvonne. I am an European wedding photographer, specialized in small weddings. My style can be described as romantic classic, with a great sense of humor. My photos show the real colors and are not subject to trends. I photograph your wedding the way it felt. Not as an outsider, but as one of your guests.

Winning photos

This has been such an emotional roller coaster. Two families bondig together bi marriage and you don't have to ask if the girl is happy. She is so grateful and happy with her new 'mom'.

102nd Collection

The moment I saw this beautiful sky I knew I had something to do with this. This wonderful couple was such a pleasure to work with. They just gave me full control about my creativity!

101st Collection

This lovely couple are my neighbours. They wanted to have a very small layer back wedding day with as less stress and planning as possible. So they asked me two weeks before if I could take some photo's. This photo has been taken right before the ceremony. We walked by the store where the bride is working so they jumped into the store for som minutes. This shot has been taken through te window and I loved the vibe. It fits so well to their wedding and wishes for their wedding day!

95th Collection

This couple went to the dunes with all their closest friends to have their wedding photo's taken. It was such a great group of young people. We had so much fun, so I'd been able to go wild and creative as much as I wanted.

94th Collection

This beautiful wedding couple is on their way to the ceremony. That will take place in Giethoorn, the Dutch Venice, so there are almost no roads and traffic will take place by boats. It was such a wonderfull day and we've been so lucky with the weather. A dream coming true!

94th Collection

This beautiful Autumn wedding was everything a couple and photographer could ever dream of. All these beautiful colors, the nice weather, the lovely and handsome couple. A golden dag!

93rd Collection

Of course I noticed the lens flare while capturing this beautiful wedding couple. When culling the images I notices the heart form of the flares and the beautiful rainbows. So special! Lots of love and happiness for these brides!

93rd Collection

This wedding was all about love and friends. The couple has been putting so much effort in making this day the best day even for their friends and involved them at all the precious moments. These girls where stunning and so happy for her.

92nd Collection

We where just started taking photo's at the waterline when the rail came out of noting. We where soaked within two minutes. Lucky for the couple one of the guests came running to us with an umbrella, but it wouldn't really safe their outfits. Dress could be dried with the Dyson hands dryer, but suit was wet for the rest of the day. Luck they could still laugh

90th Collection

Lara & Stefan got married on a beautiful Summer day at Chateau Marquette in Heemskerk (The Netherlands)
They did not want to see each other before the ceremony so this moment was just seconds after seeing each other for the first time. The bride just rushed in because she could'n wait any longer to see her husband to be. Such an emotional moment.

89th Collection

Wedding cake and children is always a perfect moment for great shots. You'll never know what's going to happen but something funny will always be there, so you just have to be ready for it. Look at this precious moment of the wedding couple with their sons, like little birds being seeded by their parents. The guests watching this moment, wat just waiting for them to open their mouth too, haha!

88th Collection

Getting ready in the sleeping room of her parents. Away from the chaotic hair and make-up room. Just some quit time alone for the mother of the bride and het daughter. Such a special moment together!

88th Collection