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Winning photos

With the bridal couple in the center, I took a great atmospheric photo due to the colored lighting.

95th Collection

I took this photo with sunset during the evening party.
The silhouettes also come into their own in this way.

95th Collection

During the party, when the sky is beautiful, I asked the couple to go outside with me. At the parking lot of the venue I took this awesome picture.

94th Collection

This image was created during the party. Nearby was this chuch. I thought it would be an awesome background. I put one flash behind the couple to lit the background.

82nd Collection

When the sun goes down, it's a great moment for a silhouette. During dinner or party I will quickly take the couple to a nice place for such a photo. This photo was actually taken in the middle of the day. In the winter months, we have a low sun in the Netherlands, so you can take these kinds of photos all day long on a sunny day.

81st Collection

This photo was shot at their wedding location at the DRU Cultuurfabriek in Ulft. I decided to put a flash with an orange filter behind the couple to create this amazing atmosphere. The couple loved this image because they wanted to some special shots with an industrial touch.

81st Collection

This image was taken in the restaurant during the diner. I decided to make a special shot of the couple. For this shot we placed a flash behind them and hold a mobile phone under the lens for a reflection.

79th Collection

Sometimes you go close to capture the real feeling of the love between a couple. This image is taken during the photoshoot. I asked them to kiss and took this shot.

76th Collection

I love this image which was taken in the old Joriskerk (church) in Amersfoort. Before the ceremony started I decided to grab my flashes and create this shot.

76th Collection

This image was shot just before the first look. Alle the wedding guests were standing in line and the groom was with his back to the crowd. The bride got very very excited.

62nd Collection

When the party almost started I noticed this awesome sunset. I asked the bride and groom if the liked to go for a little walk to make a silhouette image.

60th Collection

Just before the first look with the groom the bride wanted to have a first look with her dad. I really love this "dads first look". So much love!

58th Collection

After the dinner, when the light was awesome, I took the couple outside into a vineyard where I made this awesome semi-silhouette.

54th Collection

This picture is taken in the Netherlands in the old city called Dordrecht. An emotional moment when bride and groom arrive right for the ceremony. All their family and friends are waiting for them at the entrance of the city hall.

45th Collection

Right after the first look we went to a nice location for the photoshooting. The groom arranged an awesome classic Ford Mustang. I captured this great moment in a split second when leaving the brides house.

43rd Collection

This lovely couple, Patty and Diëgo, got married on an augustday full of love. After the ceremony they got into this characteristic topless deux-chevaux. This created a perfect photomoment wich makes for a beautiful memory.

42nd Collection