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Arjan Barendregt Fotografie

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. And serving all over the world.
Once I saw following quote;
"I am not a wedding photographer, but I am photographer who is capturing weddings."
And I really agree this... Capturing a wedding couple and their guests just the way they are and their whole day as it is, that's want I want to do!
Telling their lovestory in my own words.

Winning photos

Shooting in the vineyards in the South of France.
We took some little time with the kids during the shoot. We only had to walk 50 meters from the wedding venue to take this picture.

82nd Collection

With this couple I took some time to make some pictures by the car.
Lucky for us, we had a perfect sun in our back causing this nice glitter.

82nd Collection

This lovely couple married in Rotterdam.: one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands. And they wanted to capture the skyline on their wedding pictures. And we succeeded... Left we see the cranes of Rotterdam Harbor, at the right Rotterdam Spido, and in the center De Euromast (Euromast Tower).
This is really Rotterdam!

60th Collection

This picture was made during a great wedding weekend in France.
This lovely wedding couple took us to a water lock where we enjoyed the beautiful surrounding and where we had fun during the shoot.

54th Collection

This wedding was last August. We start the shoot in the morning before the sun was at her highest point.
For me, it was a really lucky moment that the sun just came up behind the trees. The only question to this lovely couple was to let me see that they love each other.

53rd Collection

This lovely couple took us to a beautiful place near Rosmalen (Netherlands). It was the first wedding of 2019.
We started the shoot early in the morning. The grass and leaves were all covered with ice.
The couple had a special connection with this small bridge. Years ago the bride was sure, if she ever gets married she would have a picture on this bridge. So there it is...

46th Collection

This photo was taken on Posbank in The Netherlands. A not that typical Dutch landscape. It's a place with hills and valleys full with heather and woods. But the most typical Dutch was the weather: A little bit rain, a little bit sun and beautiful Dutch clouds.

39th Collection

This lovely couple took us with them for there shoot to Limburg, The Netherlands.
The fotoshoot location looks like it was somewhere abroad. But this beautiful place is really The Netherlands.
I asked the couple to walk up to the stairs, from the other side I waited for the this composition, to shoot this picture through the fountain.
The sun was shining, lighten up the drops like sparkles. It was really a beautiful day!

29th Collection

The wedding couple wanted something different during the shoot and took me with them to a kart track
They not only wanted the standard pictures in nature. And I was really surprised of the possibilities this location gave me.
Only a few lamps were burning and so we had to use the only light spot there was in the ceiling.

28th Collection

The groom wanted the drive a final round before he arrived on the wedding location. My first idea was to come in front of the car to shoot the car, the driver and the groom when they left. When he was leaving the parking place, he waved to one of his friends and that was the moment I have taken this shot.

27th Collection