Stefan Van Beek


Van Beek


­čç│­čç▒ Netherlands

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The Hague (Netherlands)

Minimum price/hours

150$ per hour | 6 hours minimum



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53rd place in Netherlands

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10 months

Studio Name

Stefan van Beek Fotografie

I am Stefan and I have the best job of the world: wedding photographer! (no joke!). Based in the Netherlands but not limited to the country borders for my work ;-). As for my work, I am passionated to document your day in the purest form, beiing as invisible a possible and capturing real moments and emotions. I love a personal approach and get energy of working with people. I'd be honoured to hearing your story and capture your wedding day. Happy to meet!

Winning photos

This is how a wedding day smile should look like. It was truly a party to capture these two beautiful and sparkling souls whilst having so much fun together.

103rd Collection

Some places might look regular but can turn into magic places when a photographer gets his eye one it. Loved playing with light here!

103rd Collection

Growing up at the beaches I know how magical sunsets can be. This lovely couple got the jackpot: the sky filled with all sorts of colours!

101st Collection

This is all about playing with sun and shadows while giving the bridescouple the time of their live!

101st Collection

Sometimes you come across hidden gems like this library. Just like this lovely couple the beauty of both them and the library together had to be captured forever.

100th Collection

There is something about old castles, love and a lovely couple. And I just absolutely love it when love shows it's passion in front of a castle!

94th Collection

This lovely couple was a joy to work with, so much fun! And what do you do on the green of a golf court? Correct, practicing dance moves! ;-)

94th Collection