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Hi there! My name is Nadine Mulder from the Netherlands. I am very grateful that I was able to turn my hobby into my fulltime job. I am very creative and love everything that has to do with photography, interior and design. I enjoy seeing people in love. I am a woman with passion, eye for detail, perfectionist and I have a great passion for love and photography. My goal is to be able to capture your pure feelings so that you can look back on this forever.

Winning photos

The wonderful Mariëlle en Daan, celebrating their wedding at the amazing location Castle Tongelaar in the Netherlands!

101st Collection

This bride was timeless and flawless, it looks like time stood still when i took this picture. So stunning!

100th Collection

It was amazing to do this after wedding and trash the dress shoot with this beautiful couple. The weather was absolutely perfect and I enjoyed feeling and seeing their love for each other!

99th Collection

This lovely couple had a little secret during their wedding! They were expecting baby number 2 and I really wanted to take this picture so they could look back at their wedding day thinking about their little baby.

97th Collection

This photo from Mark & Lisa was taken in an indoor location in my hometown Enschede. They had such a great time during the shoot. You can feel the love between those two, just by watching their wedding gallery.

96th Collection

This wedding was one of the first of my wedding season in 2022. I’m obsessed with these perfect flowers and look at the colors! It just looks so romantic and what a wonderful couple!

94th Collection

Making couples feel happy en comfortable in front of my camera is my main goal when i shoot a wedding. It brings me so much joy when couples look happy en relaxed. "I only have eyes for you"! They look so happy and in love.

93rd Collection

Sometimes you just need simplicity. I wanted to create a moment for the bride and groom to just enjoy each other’s company before the ceremony started! You can feel her love just by looking at her face in this picture.

92nd Collection

This was my first destination wedding! I was joining IVI Fotografie on a wedding organised by The Italian Wedding. I’ve been to Italy many times but never in the north and it’s nature blew me away! It was an honour for me to capture this beautiful couple during there amazing wedding and I had so much fun! This picture was taken in a very old small town and I just had the idea to let them run in the middle of this street.

91st Collection

I think this is my absolute favorite wedding location in the Netherlands so far. There are some awesome locations within Kasteel Tongelaar and I couldn’t resist capturing this beautiful bride in front of this huge window.

90th Collection

This couple married at an amazing location. After the ceremony everyone moved to the party location. A loud sound of a machine caught my attention and I spotted this location, a beautiful sawmill. I loved the colors and the natural light inside and asked these newlyweds to pose for this picture.

89th Collection

This wedding dress asked for lots of dancing. The materials and the wind are a perfect combination. And look at this location and sky, isn't it amazing?

88th Collection

These moments to yourself as a couple are priceless on a wedding day, time to reflect and enjoy each other. The day started with lots of sun and a beautiful outside ceremony but ended with lots of rain. I noticed the rain and really wanted to bring this couple outside for this picture. Yvonne & Robbin are standing in front of their beautiful wedding location called estate Rhederoord in the Netherlands.

88th Collection

Getting ready with this natural sunlight is amazing! This bride looked absolutely stunning and i'm so honored to be a part of this special day!

87th Collection

This wonderful moment was created before the party started and evening guests arrived. I saw a wonderful sunset coming up and asked the couple if they wanted to come outside with me. This location is just a regular parking lot but i've centered them right between the cars with the sun straight behind them. I am really happy with the results of this moment.

87th Collection

A wonderful story of an amazing couple. Everyone could feel their love for each other and it was such a perfect wedding. I took this picture from the other side of the lake because I wanted to create a fairy tale kind of feeling. The pink flowers, the mirror in the water, their love, and the leaves on the right made this picture one of my favorite pictures of this day. A pleasure to be by their side on such a special day.

85th Collection

This photo was taken seconds after opening the door and having their very own first look moment! It was such an emotional en beautiful moment. I could feel the nerves of the bride change into relieve to finally see and hold her husband to be.

83rd Collection