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Number One Wedding Photographer in 2024


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Their love and happiness is almost popping out of the photo. The windy hair and the trees in the background are presenting the cloudy weather and the Dutch summer this season. We were so happy that there was no rain and that we were able to do a photoshoot in this area.

105th Collection

This lucky couple didn't had to search long for a perfect wedding car, the father of the groom owns this fantastic classic car. Me and my camera were addicted by it!

105th Collection

I love it when the bride wears a veil, especially when there is strong wind and when they can't stop smiling to each other.

105th Collection

After a wonderful wedding day we were chasing the sunlight that would disappear behind the champagne house in Epernay. I just love the lens flare, the beautiful couple and the guests in the background who where enjoying themselves during this shoot.

100th Collection

The bride and groom surprised their guests with a sparkling first dance in a champagne cellar in Epernay.

100th Collection

On a warm september evening during the first dance this shot was made. It was a beautiful dance surrounded by lovely guests and romantic sparkles.

96th Collection