Ingrid Timmermans




🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Noordwijkerhout (Netherlands)

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150$ per hour | 5 hours minimum




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78th place in Netherlands

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8 months

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110th Collection

Love the spontaneous moment, nothing staged they are just happy and you can feel it.

109th Collection

Such a beautiful moment at the end of the ceremony, love to capture these moments.

108th Collection

I was lucky enough to capture the wedding of this amazing couple during a boat trip in the north of Holland. When we arrived at the restaurant I took this photo of on the front of the boat with the nice sky and the calm water. Love it!

105th Collection

The last photo of the wedding day should be something extra special, so we sneaked out of the reception to this room with this cool window & curtains. A beautiful scene for a silhouette photo.

104th Collection

Love to work with the veil for a dreamy and romantic look.

103rd Collection