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La Vie by Anne

Mijn doel is niet alleen dat jullie de meest mooie foto’s krijgen van jullie trouwdag maar ook dat jullie deze bijzondere dag als een warme, magische en ontspannen dag herinneren. Als je naar een foto kijkt zie je namelijk niet alleen het resultaat maar zal je je ook het moment herinneren waarop de foto gemaakt is. Wat voor avond het was, wat voor weer, hoe je kleding zat en ook hoe jij je op dat moment voelde. Daarom doe ik er alles aan om jullie trouwdag, voor jullie zo ontspannen en magisch mogelijk te laten verlopen. Zodat je alleen nog maar terug kijkt met een lach op je gezicht.

Winning photos

Wauw, so very happy with an other award.

It was so much fun, making tons of different creative group photo's. All the guests had fun during the shoot and that is just as important as the end result.

104th Collection

I always take the wedding couple out during golden hour. Not only because it will be beautiful photo's but also to have a relaxed moment together, to take in all that is happend on their wedding day and to enjoy all the little moments before the day will end.

102nd Collection

At the end of the evening, there was a gorgeous golden hour. So i asked the newly weds if they would to enjoy the sunset. Just a little moment together, to take in the whole day en enjoy every moment of it.

It only took me 5 minutes to make the most stunning photo's of them. After showing the photo's on my camera, the groom run back to the venue to fetch more couples. He said: they deserve these kind of pictures to.

99th Collection

At the end of the afternoon it was raining really badly. Suddenly a saw some nice sunlight coming through the storm clouds. So i took a sprint to the wedding couple and told them that they had to see this beautiful sky.

They walked outside with me and decided to dance in the evening sun.

98th Collection

I always have to smile when i see this picture again. Before the photoshoot i was driving behind the newly weds towards the photoshoot location when i saw this beautiful road. I knew i was gonna make an epic photo here so i started honking to get there attention. A bit confused the groom asked me why i did that.

I told them my plan and asked the best men if he will keep an eye on the road, so we can do the shoot. What i didn't know was that it was a very busy road where people were driving like loonatics. Gladly there was a nice contractor who blocked the road for us with his van so we hade moment to take the picture.

96th Collection

Just the look of this couple to each other melts my heart.

96th Collection

It looks like this lovely couple is on an exotic island. But they aren't. They're in the middel of the Netherlands, enjoying a quiet moment together before the big busy day starts. The groom was not very fan of taking pictures but he kept smiling form ear to ear when he looked to his future wife.

I loved this moment, and it's one of my favorite photo's of their wedding. Thank you, dear couple for choosing me as your wedding photographer.

95th Collection

This was the first wedding of this year. And wow if this is only the beginning I can’t imagine the rest of 2023. Besides the freezing cold and the little snow there was left, it was such an amazing lovely couple.

Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer ????

94th Collection

I was thrilled when I've got the call of Roanne. She is a wedding photographer herself and she asked me if I would like to photograph here wedding as a second shooter. I couldn't be more happy and I said yes even before checking my agenda.
Here wedding day was so amazing. Everything was right and beautiful. Thank you Roanna, for trusting me to take your wedding photo's.

93rd Collection