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Aletha Buitink Fotografie

My name is Aletha Buitink and I am a wedding photographer. My goal is to make a wedding reportage that makes you happy, where the love splashes off the picture and brings you back to the moment.

My way of photographing is spontaneous and pure. I have a preference for warm, dark & rich colors, deep contrasts & black and white. Timeless photos!

Not the traditional ones, but by minimally posing, being yourself, especially not too stiff but cozy and relaxed, we make real photos together. Just the way you are.

Furthermore, I try to be 'invisible' and in the background as much as possible and capture all beautiful and spontaneous moments. You don't have to pay attention to me, I make sure I'm always around to catch that one moment.

Winning photos

They couldn't keep their eyes off each other. I love it!

108th Collection

Together with this bridal couple we were on the Schovenhorst Estate in the Netherlands. The light fell beautifully through the tall trees.

106th Collection

Two souls together as one.

105th Collection

Cutting this cake was a real challenge but they did it!

104th Collection

This couple had their wedding party in Ostend Castle, which has its own brewery. The brewery is so beautiful with its large copper kettles, so this photo had to be taken

103rd Collection

This photo is taken at the zoo where this couple got married. The lines in the photo and the brown panda in the background brings everything together.

102nd Collection

A beautiful day in September this sweet couple got married. The photo was taken on the beach. The sky was so beautiful and the clouds together with the wind made a beautiful scenery.

102nd Collection

This staircase was the perfect base for a photo of this gorgeous bride walking towards her groom. Made in the old town hall of Vught.

97th Collection

This stunning bride and this lovely light came together beautifully. This photo was taken in the garden of Slot Moermond

96th Collection

This couple's wedding was a small and intimate one. We had plenty of time for the coupleshoot. We went to the lake to take some pictures and i saw a nice hill with flowers there. I thought it would be a great place to take pictures and together with the blue sky and the many clouds this became a beautiful composition

95th Collection

I´m always looking for beautiful compositions and special and playful rays of light. A beautiful light shone in the hall of this authentic old building, creating a shadow of the bridal couple on the wall

94th Collection

The 10th of December it was icy cold. The photoshoot took place at a nearby forest and right at the beginning was this beautiful bridge. As soon as I saw this I knew this photo had to be taken. The red-brown leaves against the icy sky created a wonderful mysterious atmosphere and the kissing bridal couple completed the picture.

93rd Collection

This wedding took place on the fantastic Sparrendaal estate. Lovely rooms with great light and beautiful mirrors and paintings and a loving bridal couple. It was inevitable that this photo had to be taken!

92nd Collection

During the reception we went outside to the garden terrace, a small courtyard in the center of Middelburg to raise a toast to life with the groom and their sons

91st Collection

During the photoshoot of this bridal couple we specially drove to a small dock at the coast of one of the islands of Zeeland (The Netherlands). It was so quiet and serene there. The water so clear and still. Together with this lovely newlyweds made this a fantastic moment.

90th Collection

This lovely couple was so cute together. Everytime he could, if only for a moment, the groom took her hand. It was so cute that I definitely had to capture it

89th Collection