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Photography by Mirjam

Hi! I am Mirjam, an enthusiastic photographer from the Netherlands!
I live near the beautiful city of Rotterdam. I love to photograph weddings, it is just so special to capture the most beautiful and emotional moments of someone's life and then make them relive those moments through my photo's!

Winning photos

I really love to have fun at a wedding! Just take a different turn with the group photos and call all the friends of the bride and groom to just act a bit crazy and this was the result!
Really loved it!

100th Collection

I took this photo at a styled weddingshoot last year.
Really loves the true chemistry between the two brides, you could really feel the love between them!

94th Collection

The city Dordrecht, with an ambiance like no other. The narrow streets really invite you to make a beautiful shot like this!
With the wide-angle lens the buildings almost come togheter!

91st Collection

That moment when you come down the stairs to see your husband to be! Maybe one of the most exciting moments on their weddingday, so I was really happy with this photo!

90th Collection

That special moment when your father will walk you down the aisle. For this bride and her father this is one of the most special moments of this important day, so I had to capture this moment perfectly.

89th Collection