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Hi! My name is Charlotte and I live in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

I am a dedicated wedding photographer with a passion for capturing beautiful, candid moments on a couple's special day. I strive to create timeless images that my clients will treasure for years to come. I take great pride in my work and am always seeking to improve my skills and techniques.

When I'm not behind the camera, I enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends, traveling to new and exciting locations, or hugging my dog.

Winning photos

Just as the couple was driving away, the groom triumphantly held the bridal bouquet in the air. I loved that moment and was so glad I was able to capture it!

101st Collection

It was 30 degrees Celsius that day, with harsh sunlight everywhere. No ideal circumstances for photographing. However, I knew there would be a gorgeous golden hour that night. So I took the couple away from their party for about 10 minutes to sneak a few pics in a nearby field. It quickly became one of my favorite moments from that day!

100th Collection

We were so lucky - right after our shoot ended, it started pouring rain. I was able to capture their love with a sky full of clouds, and I loved the effect of it.

96th Collection

As I was walking with the couple through this beautiful landscape, the light fell just right on this patch of long grass. I made the couple climb over a small pit in order to get there, but they didn't mind. They started dancing and I was very happy to capture this moment.

95th Collection

On the day of J & J's wedding, it was pouring rain just as the wedding photos were scheduled. I thought we were done for, but after half an hour, the sun came out! I quickly took them to the local park, which was very quiet thanks to the rain. Meanwhile, the sky looked like a painting, so I wanted a photo to represent that beautiful moment.

94th Collection

I will always remember this sweet, spontaneous moment. L & D were having their wedding photos in a gorgeous castle, and I wanted some pictures of the bride next to this window. After a few snaps, she gestured to her husband to come next to her. She took his hand and, very sweetly, pressed a soft kiss on it. I did not ask her to do that, nor was it part of a photography prompt. This was a sign of pure love, and I felt lucky to have captured it.

94th Collection