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I sometimes compare my Wedding Photography with 'Jazz', spontaneous and colorful. A bit stubborn but certainly imbued with professional knowledge and passion! A number of 'Awards' certainly provide appreciation, but the most important jury is you! Hopefully my website will inspire you as a future bridal couple and invite you to get to know each other. Enjoy watching and see you soon in the preparation of your Wedding, Nozze, Mariage, Wedding!

Winning photos

When, miraculously, the sun came through for a moment, we had to look for a dry spot where the couple could sit. Despite the wide view of the beautiful heathland, I opted for the frog's perspective on the desolate tree stump. This makes the couple nicely detached from the environment.

110th Collection

The weather forecast was gloomy but we didn't give up. We also make couples shine with an umbrella and a flash. The beautiful heathland in Hechtel-Eksel completes the picture.

110th Collection

I had the honor of photographing the first wedding at the 'Maagdentoren' in the municipality of Scherpenheuvel-Zichem in Belgium.

After the ceremony, the couple enjoyed each other and the surroundings for a while and I thought it was a beautiful, honest image to capture.

109th Collection

It was a scorching hot summer day and the location for the couples shoot offered little shade. Fortunately, there was still a single tree to be found on the sandy plain and a small breeze not only brought refreshment but also a nice movement to the bride's dress.

106th Collection

Last but not least, this beautiful couple starred in my last wedding report for 2023. In the beautiful setting of Chateau Balmoral in Spa, it looks like a shot from a romantic movie and I'm pretty sure it could become a feature film :-)

104th Collection

The master of ceremonies provided a unique location for the couples shoot. The light on Axel Vervoordt's site is very photogenic and did not require additional lighting. Something that makes you very happy as a photographer.

103rd Collection

A special wedding report of a beautiful couple who have been our best friends for years. It gives some extra tension, but certainly also extra spontaneity. The ceremony room was packed with guests and gave a wonderfully warm group feeling.

103rd Collection

'Purple rain' would be an appropriate song for this photo. Rain can be very beautiful in a photo, especially if the couple continues to shine!

102nd Collection

On a wedding evening I always try to keep an eye out for a golden hour moment. Unfortunately it fell behind the trees here, but this photo was a worthy replacement for the couple to end the day with.

102nd Collection

A beautiful location on a castle estate and beautiful people, what could go wrong? Weather! Unfortunately, the couple had to be patient until the sun came out. But we took the moment!

101st Collection

This wonderfully dynamic couple decided at the last minute to keep their opening dance outside. As a photographer, I had to get into position quickly to capture the dynamics of the moment.

100th Collection

This couple was happy to be surprised by this beautiful location in their own area. Sometimes you don't have to look too far to get the picture right.

100th Collection

This couple breathes rock & roll and was therefore open to a characterful shoot. The beautiful car on the forest road gives a mysterious atmosphere and looks like a scene from a road movie.

99th Collection

While everyone upstairs in this beautiful town hall is having an aperitif, I asked the couple to stand on the balcony. We miss the party inside but this beautiful picture is definitely worth it!

98th Collection

There was little time in the planning for this photo shoot of this beautiful couple. We used the garden of the town hall, but nothing suggests that we are in the middle of a city center. A radiant couple and some greenery, that's all it takes to take a nice picture.

97th Collection

It was a day full of rain and after the first look, the couple were able to be alone in the hotel lounge. I love that couples can just be themselves and incorporate this into my image. The relax of the seat therefore fits perfectly with the mood of the couple :-)

96th Collection

This beautiful location was close to the backyard of the bridal couple. The man had made up a motorcycle by himself, which we used for the photo shoot. It makes him extra proud of this photo and makes the photo something very personal for the couple.

95th Collection

The location of this photo is remarkable and we came across it by chance while preparing for their wedding day. The couple actually wanted to visit nature for their photo shoot, but on the way we found a dilapidated caravan. I installed my flash there and that gave a unique result that the couple was very satisfied with.

95th Collection

As a photographer, I am always happy when a couple is pleasantly surprised with the photos afterwards. This location was actually rather boring and did not immediately seem to offer options for the couple. As a photographer, however, I saw the possibilities of the grass and I lay on my stomach. The couple later used this photo on the cover of their wedding album...

94th Collection

This photo is perhaps the most original wedding photo I've taken so far. Like her father, the bride is also a photographer. Exactly 40 years ago, the bride's parents also had their wedding shoot here. It was therefore special to portray the wedding couple in the same place.

93rd Collection