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Fotografie Bienne

Hi lovely visitors,

it is I, (fa)Bienne
Woman, wife, mother & photographer.

With an interest in people and art, photography quickly became a passion for me. I started photographing relatives, friends and nature and quickly developed my own personal style. Making a decision about a careerswitch in photography in August 2019 was the easiest choice I ever made and never looked back.

I'm a bomb of energy, half of wedding planner, owner and photographer at Photography Bienne. Making people happy and showing my passion for photography, it's a true lifestyle. I'm standing for spontaneous, being yourself, the occasional pose, letting loose, pure, lame jokes and chat hole.
That you can be YOU at a session and we can create new memories, than the session was successful

Winning photos

Love is in the air...

99th Collection

The lovestory of A & J

during the wedding day we always take some time to take some couple photos.
A moment of happiness for the couple, a moment just for the two of them.
Picture taken in the beautiful Filliers

93rd Collection

The opening dance of The lovestory of A & J.

an exciting moment for any couple.
some go for a tile patch, others for a rehearsed dance.
it remains a moment of love for the couple that everyone can enjoy.

93rd Collection