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6 months

Studio Name

Jana Pollet

Hi! I'm Jana and I am an enthusiastic, committed and genuine photographer based in Bruges in Belgium.

I love unposed moments filled with true emotions, big love, unlimited laughter and all those unexpected awesome surprises a wedding day brings.

My goal is to capture every little moment that happens during your special day. The emotions, the details, the beauty and everything in between.

Winning photos

On a cold day we went to the Castle of Poeke for their wedding, just that one moment a line of sun came out, they looked perfect. This really was in the right place at the right time. Its like a big spot was put on the bride. I love it

95th Collection

Simon and Matthias are a fantastic couple, their wedding weekend in Saint-Tropez was perfect in every detail. We took their couple photos both downtown and at their wedding venue. When I took this picture I was impressed by the trees there, I was very happy with the result.

94th Collection

I was lucky enough to go to Switzerland with Sophie and Florence, where we had a fantastic time in the mountains. Taking wedding photos on the skis is something I will remember for the rest of my life, it was a real challenge.

94th Collection

This was a very special and fantastic day, the couple was really rock'n'roll, this made the effect of a smoke bomb just perfect, it became a great picture, the windows, the light, especially the couple and the smoke!

93rd Collection

When I saw this moment before me I felt like I was in a movie, when I saw the result later and the movie came back completely, what a special atmosphere in this photo, i love it

93rd Collection

The Belgian world champion basketball player, Kim Mestdagh and an here Italian pro basketball player wife, Giorgia Sottana, got married in Kim's home town, at the "Menenpoort", is a memorial monument in the Belgian city, Ypres

93rd Collection

It's just golden hour, a little breeze and we needed to go to the join the wedding guests.
Look how sweet they are with eachother.

Let's go and party!

92nd Collection

The love boat in Belgium! Her father was a marine and brought her to the ceremony with this boat, after the ceremony she took off with her fresh husband in the boat.

92nd Collection

We were here on a beautiful domain Château de Mirwart, the view where they stand is phenomenal. Just enjoy what has happened throughout the day.

91st Collection

When you enter this venue as a photographer, you know that the photo has to pop as hard as the feeling you get when you were there

90th Collection

The quiet moment, the moment she enjoys so much, the moment where she can envision her full future, the moment just before she says yes to the man of her dreams

90th Collection