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Number One Wedding Photographer in 2024





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I am William Linthout and I live in Ternat (Belgium) near our capital Brussels.
Photography has fascinated me from an early age and it was my dream to become a professional photographer one day. Weddings are my favorite subject and it gives me great satisfaction to capture those happy couples.
Photography, my passion and my profession. I thank everyone for this oportunity.
* European Professional Photographer

Winning photos

Altijd leuk als de bruid haar bloemen gaat gooien en spannend wie hem gaat vangen.
Alles gaat snel en als fotograaf heb je maar enkele kansen voor het goede shot.

It's always fun when the bride throws her flowers and it's exciting to see who will catch them. Everything moves fast and as a photographer you only have a few chances for the right shot.

109th Collection

This picture was made by daylight on a sunny hot day. I love the naturel atraction between the bride & the groom and you can feel the love. I put it in black & white because it makes the picture stronger in my opinion.

101st Collection

This photo was taken during a short break between dinner and the arrival of guests for the reception and evening party. We had a maximum of 10 minutes to take this picture. Some smoke and a colored flash did the rest.

96th Collection