Annelies Gailliaert




🇧🇪 Belgium

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Gent (Belgium)



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16th place in Belgium

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11 months

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Annelies, born '89, wife to Koen, mom of Julien ('19) & Maurice ('21)

I get so much energy from seeing people in love, happy families, ...
crazy kids, fun dogs

When it all comes together at a wedding. You get firework.

Always eager to capture the fun moments, but not afraid to see other emotions that come at such day (missing loved ones)

Winning photos

Running around hand in hand is always a good idea. The bride pops out of the dark background, and the playfull laughs make you feel the moment.

101st Collection

Run away, quite literally. Because it was raining when we did couple pictures, we decided to skip part of the reception when this picture was made

100th Collection

In front of the city hall where they got married. I loved the contrast of them in the shade, with the bright sun illuminating the building

93rd Collection

This photo was shot in an old garage, with the strong light hitting from above. I added a reflexion by holding a prism in front of the lens.

92nd Collection

Having a picture in your hometown, is extra special if it's a killer location. The reflection on the water makes the couple stand out even more. The gentle touch of the groom makes the picture complete.

91st Collection