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Hi! I'm Wim (or William in English), I was made in 1982 and I'm a professional wedding photographer from Belgium. My homebase is Nazareth, near Ghent.
I'm married to the best and prettiest woman in the universe. Together we have 2 (sometimes adorable) daughters.

You can describe my style as 'storytelling'. I don't like to pose my couples, but I have a special eye for the little moments at their big day. Only during the couple session I like to give them some guidelines but for me it's very important to keep it spontanious.
When I'm 'working' (I hate that word, it should be 'having fun') at a wedding, I'm always looking for exceptional spots at the location to take an 'award winning worthy' picture.

Winning photos

While people were having drinks I suggested to toss the bride up in the air by the guys. She was really flying high.

109th Collection

Because the groom was a firefighter, I had to get a shot with an old firetruck. While people were enjoying drinks at the firehouse, I got them to pop a bottle.

108th Collection

In between meals I took the couple outside at this amazing venue. It was time for some magic under my umbrella...

108th Collection

Just having some fun with his newly wed wife...

106th Collection

In a busy street in the city centre of Ghent, I told them to enjoy each other while people were passing by (but they had to keep still for the effect of movement).

105th Collection

At night, it was time for the famous umbrella shot. Only now, they could actually use the umbrella because it was raining cats and dogs.

105th Collection

Droneshot on a famous hill in Flanders.

104th Collection

Just before dinner there was this magic 'golden hour'. I obligated the couple to come with me for some shots.

104th Collection

As we passed this ruin, I just knew we had to take this beautiful shot in front of the gates.

103rd Collection

The newlyweds were getting ready to pose for me on a bridge in Bruges, when two boats filled with tourists just passed by waving to them. I knew I had to take a picture of that moment.

102nd Collection

Before the dinner party started I asked the couple to come down the stairs together holding hands and look into eachothers eyes. The edit in black and white makes the picture complete.

101st Collection

In between meals I took the couple outside the venue to pose with my umbrella during an intimate moment. With her holding my flash and him holding the umbrella this is just a magical picture because you can also see the people in the venue in the background.

101st Collection

At a little piece of nature near Bruges I took my drone for a flight. When I told the couple to kiss, they got completely lost in the moment.

100th Collection

Sometimes I don't give my couples an assignment what to do during the shoot. I just hide in the bushes and tell them to do what feels right for them, with this result...

100th Collection

This photo was taken in the cellar of an old abbey in Ghent. As the light of a spot felt on the wright place, we just had to take this picture.

99th Collection

At the city park of Aalst (Belgium), there is this monument with perfect symmetric lines. I just had to make sure I didn't fall in the water behind me.

98th Collection

The couple had chosen their old school where they first met as a location for the shoot. Wow! I just fell in love with the old stairs and windows and immediatly knew these were going to be great pictures.

97th Collection