Naomi Segers




🇧🇪 Belgium



4 awards left until the Senior Member

16th place in Belgium

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5 months

Studio Name

Klikchick Fotografie

I want to show the world that #loveislove. As an LGBTQ-photographer I feel blessed when capturing a diversity of pure emotions. With an eye for detail I will assure the perfect mix of posed and spontaneous pictures.

Winning photos

"You are my person" is what this lovely bride and groom were thinking... A beautiful - just the two of us - moment, except for me (their lucky wedding photographer) of course.

106th Collection

When the bride is ready to meet her future husband and close family members are blown away by her beauty. Short after this moment the first happy tears appeared.

105th Collection

These two little ones are wondering when it will be their turn to put a ring on it.

105th Collection

While leaving the church this couple was surprised with a live music performance from a terrace across the street.

105th Collection

This couple organised a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. The disneyholic inside me was already excited about that. During the photoshoot they wanted some shots in this open field in a park. They were too far away to communicate properly, but my heart melted when the groom decided to give his bride a hand kiss. What a gentleman!

104th Collection

When a little princess is already dreaming about her own wedding day...

102nd Collection