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Of all the things I have ever done, writing a bio about myself seems to be the hardest. Where do you start? How far back do you go? I can photograph weddings all day long, tie stray shoelaces, fix buttonholes, tame wild veils, wipe tears and find lost bridesmaids. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Talking about me, not so easy but here goes.
I have always loved photography, that was clear from a young age when I used to take my little yellow super snaps camera everywhere. I was a cool kid.

I live in a little town in Lincolnshire not far from Cambridgeshire and Rutland borders.
I have a husband, a son who is 8, a cat called Lola, dog called George and various stuffed toys that seem to be part of the family now.
I like cake and wine. If there is no cake or wine its fine. I like tea too.

I like to be creative; I like to travel, and I like a good book. I have recently won the wedding business award or East of England. and have 2 photos shortlisted for the British Photography Awards.

Winning photos

Bassmead during golden hour is always wonderful. Emily and William had a huge selection of images but this one made me smile the most. They look so relaxed in each others company.

98th Collection

As the ceremony ended we took a stroll out of the church and down the path lined with blossom trees. They had this little moment where they looked at each other and just laughed.

98th Collection

Hadsham Farm have this gorgeous little lake and when we saw the boat it was instantly a YES we need a photo in it. The sun was starting to set and was a perfect way to end the day.

98th Collection

Rushpool Hall just before the ceremony.
We had a little moment and time for a couple of photos before the bride walked down the aisle.

97th Collection

The William Cecil in Stamford was a beautiful backdrop for this sunset shot. Joy and Anita were so full of love for each other and their families. The whole day was beautiful.

96th Collection

When I saw the heart made of horse shoes (the groom made this) I knew we had to get it in a photo. So we waited for sunset so we could get some nice silhouettes.

96th Collection

Winter wedding at Kinmount House in Scotland. The snow had fallen the day before and everything had a blanket of white. We found a little spot that looked like Narnia and we braved the cold for this shot.

95th Collection

There were a few shots of the bride and her father walking down these stairs but this one is my favourite. The way he is looking at her when there is so much going on downstairs. So many different thoughts going through both their minds. I don't think he could have been any prouder than in that moment.

94th Collection

This was shot in Scotland at the beautiful Kinmount House. The day was calm, elegant and almost etherial at times. This images is the complete opposite which is why it makes me smile. Nothing like a packed dance floor to end the day.

94th Collection

This was shot just before Izzy was putting on her wedding dress. The last minute make up check. Her reflection in the shower door is what caught my eye and I love how this image turned out.

93rd Collection

This was shot at Crown Hall farm Ryan and Kerry had the largest amount f confetti I've ever seen. This is one of the only shots where they were actually visible the first 10 frames they are hidden behind a blanket of confetti. It looked beautiful and was a big distraction from the storm brewing above.

93rd Collection

This was taken at The wilderness Reserve in Suffolk. The bride and groom are back lit from my flash and hiding behind them is the videographer holding it so the light was in the right place. Nothing like spur of the moment improvising in the dark.

92nd Collection

Took this just as the sun was going down. The wedding was in in a big field full of vintage cars. This beautiful bride is resting on her Husbands car. He has since told me he has this photo blown up in his garage. His two favourite things!

91st Collection