Tom Fletcher




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Nottingham (The United Kingdom)



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63rd place in The United Kingdom

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Tom Fletcher Photography

Hi, I'm Tom from Derbyshire. I have been a fan of photography for many years and I grew my passion when I went on safari a few years ago to Kenya on my honeymoon. I grew my passion further during the pandemic! Having this extra time gave me an excuse to learn more about my passion and I then started being mentored by a close friend of mine who is an award winning wedding photographer, allowing me to improve my self-taught skills and giving me great experiences. This year I have let loose taking on my own weddings and I love it.

Winning photos

Jo and Graham having a post ceremony kiss on the bridge in the gardens of Peak Edge, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

105th Collection

Catching some sun rays peaking through the trees at Hazel Gap Barn, Nottinghamshire.

104th Collection