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Well… what can I tell you about me…

- I am based in Nuneaton in the West Midlands
- I love a cuppa tea… or a glass of wine.
- I love cake and chocolate.
- I am dyslexic.
- I love audiobooks.
- Friends is my most favourite tv show… I know all the words!
- Mary Poppins is my favourite film ever!
- Yellow is my favourite colour (everyone thinks it is pink)
- I started LB Photography in 2018 and I always wish I found photography sooner.

I love taking photos, I love seeing the joy and happiness in people’s faces on one of the most special days of their life. This is more than just a job for me and I don’t think I can really put into words (my dyslexia doesn’t help here) what it means to me.

My style is natural, fun, relaxed and professional, even though I have been told many times it is more like having a friend (which I love) take their photos all day.

I know I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea but believe me… I am a good cup haha! I also make a good cup!

Winning photos

When you have a group like these, you have to make them work for that beer!

108th Collection

Elaine and George had a beautiful wedding at the Grange Barn in Cheshire and when it started raining I just had to take them outside. Then when Elaine's veil started to fly, it just looked so romantic.

106th Collection

Dare to be different on your wedding day. Embrace your wedding day in the way you want that makes you shine.

105th Collection