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Hi! I'm Lindsay and I love shooting weddings! Photography has always been a huge passion of mine and having specialised in it at Uni (too many years ago now!), I knew it would always stay with me and that it would be something that I always wanted to do.

Weddings are SO incredibly special and genuinely feel that I am the luckiest girl in the world to be chosen as my couples' photographer to capture their momentous day. I love seeing all those incredible moments and be able to give those moments back to the happy couple for them to look back and share with their loved ones for years to come.

Winning photos

This gorgeous couple had their special day at the Little Wold Vineyard and had the most amazing time! There was a bit of a delay when it came to their confetti shot as the heavens opened earlier in the day, but the sun shone eventually and I love how "true" this shot was! Confetti can get in some awkward places!!

106th Collection

This was such a fun moment to capture! This bride squad was an absolute dream!! Another beauty captured at one my favourite venues - Elsham Hall this October.

104th Collection

That just married feeling! These two lovely ladies were having some quiet time, as literally a few minutes before this beautiful moment was taken, they had said their "I do's" under the rustic beams of the stunning barn at Elsham Hall.

103rd Collection

Laura & Sarah are two of the kindest souls you are ever likely to meet and so when they chose me to be their photographer for their special day, I felt incredibly lucky. They deserved to have the most glorious day and they certainly had that!

Heading out into the grounds of Elsham Hall after closing time is truly magical because it always seems to give you the most beautiful golden hour. Their wildflower vibes complimented this venue perfectly and set the ideal tone for this intimate shot of the two of them.

102nd Collection

This day was simply glorious where Abbie & Jordan had the most perfect golden hour. I loved getting them in amongst the gorgeous pampas grass at Elsham Hall. The colours, the lighting set the scene perfectly. And even though they may look "posed", this was just them being themselves.

101st Collection

I couldn't be happier for Laura & George! These two got married at Whaplode Manor in July 2023; thankfully on a day where we saw no rain. The love between these two was just infectious and I am so pleased that their love has been recognised!

100th Collection

These two had just pulled up in their wedding car at their reception venue after saying their "I do's"! I loved the reflections through their car window whilst they were enjoying a glass of bubbly. Black & white makes it even more epic! Captured at the fabulous San Pietro in Scunthorpe.

98th Collection

This was Bryony & Henry's "happy day' back in April at the stunningly beautiful Wootton Hall in North Lincolnshire. Captured on the golf course during golden hour, this shot was perfect!

97th Collection

This was such a gorgeous summer day for Jess & Danny; nestled in the Lincolshire countryside with Cleatham Hall as their backdrop. In this moment, you wouldn't think that Danny was nervous about having his photo taken - I love how they got lost in the moment, with golden hour enveloping them on their magical day.

96th Collection

This is when I was just letting Charlotte & Greg be themselves! Captured within the grounds of the beautiful Elsham Hall.

95th Collection

This was such a poignant day for Lauren and Callum. Captured during a beautiful golden hour at San Pietro in Scunthorpe, these two could not stop smiling on their special day. It was a joy to be part of!

94th Collection

Captured at Scrivelsby Walled Garden, Selina & Ryan had an intimate, humanist ceremony. Their day was simply perfect and here is a tender moment between the two of them. I just love this black and white beauty!

92nd Collection

This special moment was actually Jess & Danny's "outdoor" first dance at the stunningly beautiful Cleatham Hall. With all eyes gazing on this gorgeous pair, I can't help but think that this looks like such a private moment. Jess & Danny had such a magical day and I honestly couldn't be happier for them with this winning black and white beauty!

90th Collection

Hannah & Ollie's day was captured at the stunningly beautiful Elsham Hall in North Lincolnshire. Taken during golden hour, this two were taking a romantic walk within the grounds and then shared a beautiful kiss - a priceless moment on their wedding day.

89th Collection

This was such a glorious day and absolutely wonderful that Charlotte & Greg could not wait to disappear for their couple portraits. This beauty was taken within the stunning grounds of Elsham Hall and a wedding that I shall always treasure!

88th Collection

These two were simply adorable on their wedding day! So incredibly natural in front of the camera, with Cleethorpes Promenade as their backdrop. They couldn't wait to be married! Gareth & Lee-Anne were an absolute joy to capture!

85th Collection

This was such a magical day in so many ways! The weather didn't appear to be on Dan & Brittaney's side, however, that didn't stop venturing out in the grounds of the stunningly beautiful grounds of Elsham Hall on their snow filled wedding day. I love the moodiness of this black & white photo. If I could have snow on every wedding day... I would!

84th Collection

Oh wow! This black & white beauty is of Brittaney & Daniel on their rainy, snowy day from the middle of February this year; under the fairy lights of Elsham Hall. No extra lighting necessary for this one... it was all there for them at this stunning venue set in the heart of North Lincolnshire. Their spirits were not dampened that day.

83rd Collection

Britt & Dan are such a lovely couple! They were incredibly nervous about having their photo taken on their wedding day and so asked if they could have a little shoot before the main event. They did not disappoint! They began by hating every second of it, but then the giggles and their personalities came out in abundance. Taken at Elsham Hall, this was one of the many beautiful moments they shared together.

79th Collection

Oh my goodness! This has to be one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been in. This was Hannah & David's special day back in September; the lighting was perfect and I was given the freedom to move around as much as I pleased and capture this gorgeous shot of the two of them in the most beautiful surroundings.

78th Collection