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I’m a wedding photographer and videographer from a small market town called Ramsey in Cambridgeshire, and I love what I do. A wedding is a story shared between two people and each and every one of their loved ones. Every wedding - and every couple who go with it – is completely unique, and I make sure to capture all the little details and personal moments so that when you look back on the shots from your special day, it truly is an individual experience.

During the big day, I like to take on a more understated approach when I can, as I often find that the best shots and clips are the natural and non-posed ones, where personality and emotion shine through. After we’ve spoken initially, I like to meet face to face where possible and discuss things over coffee (or beer, of course!) so that we have a chance to get to know each other a little and share some ideas!

Winning photos

Get yourself a crazy bunch of bridesmaids like this! Makes for some fun and interesting group photos that you'll actually cherish.

94th Collection

What you can't see in the photo is my friend Adrian shaking the blossom tree behind the wall! But it meant we got some epic couple shots!

94th Collection

I love the fallen Autumn leaves resting on the water in this photo! It doesn't look like much from ground level but when you are looking from above it looks gorgeous! Taken at South Farm in Royston during Sam & Josie's Wedding.

93rd Collection

Sometimes the timing just hits just right! Reflections can be tricky to shoot through but with the correct lighting you can get some lovely candid shots. This one is the arrival of the Bride getting ready to meet her Husband to be!

92nd Collection

This Award is super special to me as not only is it two of my closest friends celeberating their incredible Wedding! But it is also a still frame taken from the video that I produced for them.

92nd Collection

Holmewood Hall have a beautiful staircase in their great hall where the couple performs their first dance. This means the guests can gather around the stairwell to watch. What makes this even better is when they have confetti! With 2 photographers we can get a view from the top of the staircase as well as the bottom which shows all of your guests watching.

91st Collection