Sarah And Dan Davies

Sarah And Dan


Milton Keynes

🇬🇧 The United Kingdom

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Bedford (The United Kingdom)


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2 awards left until the Grand Member

19th place in The United Kingdom

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4 years

Studio Name

Two-D Photography

Hi, we're Dan and Sarah of Two-d Photography and Video!

If you’re looking for photographers who focus on genuine, happy, moments and a little less on the posey side of relationships, you’re in the right place!

We tend to avoid an artificial, overly posed approach and instead aim to reflect your wedding day for exactly what it is, you being you on one of the happiest days of your lives! Not a fashion shoot, not a magazine cover, and definitely not dark and moody.

Nothing artificial, stuffy, or overly posed, and we promise we’re not going to make anyone say ‘cheese,’ or lift you up across their arms! We work with our couples on a personal level, and get to know everyone to create photographs that reflect you and yours authentically in all your uniqueness.

Winning photos

We were told they had smoke bombs to use after sparklers, and they ended up being flares (!) it looked amazing though

104th Collection

This amazing long crop and that sky...

103rd Collection

Cigars, backlight, gotta be done...

103rd Collection

We decided to get really wide for this 'shooting into the light' golden hour shot, using trees to frame

102nd Collection

We were just about to rush downstairs, minutes before the ceremony, and Alice checked herself out one last time. I was twiddling a prism so just brought it up quickly to add some extra interest.

100th Collection

We saw this daisy field earlier in the day and knew it'd make a perfect drone shot and a chance for these two to have a few minutes alone

99th Collection

This amazing winter fog set a great scene for a nighttime OCF shot. I grabbed a fairy lit jam jar on the outside table to shoot through to warm it up a treat :)

84th Collection