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Matt Pate Wedding Photography

Hi, I'm Matt

Being a couple's photographer of choice for their big day is something very special.
It is a privilege.
My mission is to repay my client's trust by producing images that are timeless and that evoke laughter and tears for all the right reasons, now and for the generations to come. That comes from careful planning, proper listening and attention to detail – and being able to spot those moments of pure magic!
My style is fun, relaxed & natural.

Winning photos

A surprise wedding in the mountains. Jing had no idea her trip to the UK to see friends and family, would include a remote mountain wedding. It was an absolutely amazing experience to be a part of this celebration!

101st Collection

An absolutely stunning location for photographs. I was so pleased when Emma & Rik suggested this location for photographs, after their wedding at Chester Town Hall.
This beautiful iron bridge over the River Dee, was perfect for this image taken using my drone.

100th Collection

A beautiful sunset walk in the sand dunes for Emma & Rik's pre wedding shoot.
I saw the leading line in the tall grass & the lighthouse in the distance, I thought this would be a great image for the couple to remember this stunning evening by.

99th Collection

This image with a 'Stranger Things' vibe, was taken on Karolina & James's post wedding shoot at Castell Dinas Bran in North Wales. Just one speed light was used to light the couple and the Welsh weather provided the atmospheric sky...

98th Collection

Karolina & James asked for a Pre wedding shoot at the Groves, a stunning riverside location in Chester.
I wanted to capture a moment between them, while subtly revealing the location.
The bandstand in the background, with the leading lines of the benches added to this loving moment.

95th Collection