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Number One Wedding Photographer in 2024


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Number One Wedding Photographer in 2024


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Kate Izak Photography

Hi, Iā€™m Kate, and one of my greatest joys in life is capturing heart-warming and joyful moments on camera in order to tell a breath-taking visual story.
I am a Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer, Asian Wedding Photographer based in the UK in Winchester, Hampshire.
I specialise in stunning natural light photography, to capture all your most treasured moments with an air of elegance and authenticity.
Wedding photography is at the heart of my business.

Winning photos

In that very moment, as the shutter clicked, something magical unfolded. Their fingers intertwined, a gentle squeeze exchanged, and their eyes locked in a shared promise. A mirror stood nearby, silently observing the scene, as if holding its breath, eager to capture the essence of their love. The reflection in the mirror became a witness to their joy, their hopes, and their dreams merged into one. It was as if the photograph itself came alive, radiating warmth and tenderness. A snapshot that forever imprinted their souls, reminding them that love, in all its beauty, is a reflection of their hearts intertwined.

106th Collection

A Beautiful Modern Wedding In The Heart Of Dorset - Dani & Ian

95th Collection

A September setting can be really special, and the gorgeous wedding of Adela and Chris really proves that the September magic is real. This spectacular day had everything from a beautiful couple, to a magnificent church and finally a stunning Buxted Park reception. What an honour it was to be able to photograph it for them to remember forever.

93rd Collection