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I have a real passion for delivering beautiful images that reflect the authentic, heartfelt emotions of a wedding.
I document the day in a relaxed manor, picking up on all the key moments, whilst capturing all the fun and humour as it unfolds
I really thrive on making the most of the natural landscape, Iā€™m a sucker for a large moody sky or a stunning starlit evening, not to mention the magic of the golden hour, chasing light is a must at any wedding

Winning photos

Autumn is upon us, I love the atmosphere the autumn conditions create with backlit flash. This was the last shot of the day, I aimed to compose the couple in-between the trees and I'm pretty happy how it turned out. Wood Hall Spa.

102nd Collection

The best thing about Basmmead manor Barns is that if there's a sunset, you'll see it. Lovely light for Emily & Callum.

102nd Collection

Fun and bubbly, literally! Enjoyed getting the girls out for a little fun at golden hour - Venue Bassmead Manor

99th Collection

Irnham Hall holds many special spots and this is one of them and in a few twinkly lights and you have a winning combo!

99th Collection

Last shot of the day at Swynford Manor under a summer dusky sky, I added a pop of flash from behind to illuminate the couple

99th Collection